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White House Custom Challenge Coins

Challenge coins might be common now and they turn out not only from the military but also from other bodies such as business companies, civic organizations, sports leagues and even schools.

These challenge coins can be found everywhere and they are given out free and sold for minimal fees but there are some custom challenge coins that are considered rare and so important that purchasing one would be costly and possessing one would be a great honor for any US citizen.

Most Common Uses Of Challenge Coins Are:

The challenge coins being referred to here are those that come from the President of the United States. They are the rarest among those that are collected. Engraved with the seal of the President of the United States, these custom challenge coins are passed down to visiting foreign dignitaries, to servicemen and women, and to their loved ones.

Some are also handed out to citizens who had done the nation a great service. These special coins are usually handed out in a quick so-called “secret handshake”. This practice is of course derived straight from the military and as Commander in Chief, the president is simply echoing the practice of higher officers handing out challenge coins to his unit.

Challenge Coin

Starting from the administration of Bill Clinton in the 1990s, all the succeeding presidents have carried on the tradition of having custom challenge coins made to represent their respective administrations. Clinton himself was seen as an aficionado of challenge coins. In fact, in his official portrait in the White House, he posed with his personal collection of challenge coins in the background.

Bill Clinton’s challenge coin featured the seal of the President of the United States in one side. On the other side is the embossment of the White House with the statement “Presented by the Commander in Chief” at the top and Clinton’s signature at the bottom of the coin along with his whole name, William J. Clinton and his position President, United States of America. The side which had the seal of the President is has a white outer ring while the background of the bald eagle figure is blue. The coin is ringed with gold edging. This custom challenge coin was minted for the president during 1993.

George W. Bush’s challenge coin which first came out in 2001 also featured the presidential seal on one side. The bald eagle figure however, unlike Clinton’s which is purely gold in color, has a colored shield featuring the red, blue and white. The outer white ring is also wider. On the other side of the coin is again the White House although this time it is featured in a more detailed way. On top is the embossed name of George Bush and the term “Commander in Chief” is also embossed at the bottom.

Barack Obama’s coin was different from the previous two in many respects. First, the side that had the presidential seal had a blue outer ring rimmed with gold and the inner ring, a gold background for the bald eagle. As for the other side, the blue outer ring design is repeated bearing the embossment of “Barack Obama” on top and “44th President of the United States” at the bottom. The inner ring is a silver embossment of the White House with the president’s signature.

Since these are the rarest custom coins around, it might be rather tricky to come by one that is authentic—meaning one that has been presented by the President himself. There might be some sellers out there but if you want the real deal, you should do your research and be careful so as to wasting your money.

Long Island Homes Are for Romance

For someone who wants to feel loved and cherished, the Long Island homes offer the perfect place to feel the harmony between nature and between two beings. Entering the Victorian and Colonial houses, one would feel certain calmness just by looking at how the rooms had been designed and garnished. It is as if the house is suited for royalty members, where the columns, cornices, pilasters, and pediments are filled in an array, with large arches and a grand stairway going up to the balconies and rooms.

It gives one a feeling of sovereignty, like each one is in dominion with his or her life. It gives a feeling of self-confidence and assurance, at the same time that the surrounding offers a flamboyant bearing. It makes a person feel loved and cherished, for the house itself offers a unique flair that goes in harmony with the distinctiveness of the emotion.

The Long Island homes connect people with nature.

Looking over the beauty of the bay, with colors that change in every bit of the hour, it gives a feeling of harmony of being in one with nature. Going over the running waters of the bay makes one realize how little people are when compared to nature.

houseRunning over the sand of the beaches makes them cherish the simple pleasures of being in one with nature. Basking in the sun offers a gift that cannot be compared with, giving people the desire to be in union with the earth, even for only a few days or weeks. Thus, in Northport alone, as much as 7,500 residents continue to enjoy the gifts of the island, and they have professed that there is nowhere else that can offer them perfect satisfaction on what life can give to them freely.

The Long Island homes connect two beings, turning them into one being under the shadow of love and romance. Going down the quaint streets of the Northport Harbor, there are a variety of independent shops and restaurants where they can find time to reacquaint themselves once again.

In times when there are no concerts along the Main Street, the place becomes a perfect location for dates and engagement activities, just by strolling down the street and going to the restaurants along the lanes. The Main Street ends right at the harbor, so those who come from their boats can moor them right at the bay and then walk down towards the Main Street for a drink or a meal.

This makes it the perfect place for vacation and even for after-wedding activities. It encourages romance in the air, for the ambiance makes the people realize that they are in a secluded place where love and romance are being felt even within the edges of the bay. Long Island homes connect people with nature and with their loved ones, making them feel the serenity and comfort that unity, harmony, and romance can give unreservedly.

The Importance of Hiring Keynote Speakers

When planning for an event, a keynote speaker might not be the first individual that the organizers think about, but once they discover the numerous benefits of getting one, they might just change their mind. Keynote speakers are well-known personalities who are hired to explain the topic of the event in an entertaining and effective way. Their techniques normally focus on emotions.

A Keynote Speaker Attracts an Audience

keynote speakersEvent organizers need to hire someone who would deliver the keynote address so that the gathering would be successful. For example, a product launch would have a big crowd if a famous personality would grace the event. Famous speakers not only draw a large audience, but they also increase the credibility of the product being launched because most people will associate it with the famous personality. So, before the program even begins, the venue will be full of people willing to listen.

A keynote speaker would tell some jokes, sing, and would get very emotional just to keep the audience entertained, interested, and willing to accept everything the event has in store. Moreover, the members of the audience have some personal things going through their minds. So, when these people get together, it is necessary to get their complete attention – something that could only be achieved by excellent keynote speakers.

Create Awareness and Make a Point Clear

When delivering a keynote address, the speaker would do it in a heartbreaking manner if necessary, just to make a point clear and let the audience understand the topic from a whole new standpoint. The topic will not be just a set of words that do not make sense any longer; it will be something more relatable for everyone in the audience.

There are also lots of different techniques that keynote speakers could use to get in touch with the audience and create an atmosphere of inspiration. Of course, when people are inspired, they speak their minds and pay more attention. Aside from ensuring that members of the audience end up inspired, hiring a keynote speaker would give the organizers an opportunity to create awareness regarding all things that are part of the program.

The speaker that will be hired must be from a particular area of interest. For example, if the event is about animal rescue, maybe an animal activist or veterinarian would be the best person to deliver the keynote speech. Here’s an important thing to take note of when hiring a speaker – the organizers need to make sure that they know a lot about the one they’ve chosen. To know whether a speaker’s style is appropriate for the event, listen to a few sample speeches.

The Event Can Be a Success or a Failure

Keynote speakers can be anyone from the organization, but remember that hiring one can be the difference between a successful and a failed event. So, it’s best to get someone who’s not merely willing to deliver the keynote but actually believes in the significance of the entire program. Keynote speakers should at least know something about the organization they’re going to represent. They must know what is expected of them.

Interview the Speaker

Before hiring someone for the event, be sure to evaluate every option available. Find out what they have done before and review their past speeches. It may be risky to hire someone who has no website or no YouTube videos that serve as proof of his credibility and accomplishments.

After learning just how important it is to get the right speaker, you should take your search much more seriously – getting the right person might not be easy, but doing so is the only way to guarantee positive outcomes.

Losing Weight With Ease Thanks To Real HCG Drops

When it comes to the weight loss and management, there are a lot of things that you have to think about. You cannot just wake up one morning and decide you are going to lose a ton of weight. Some people may start that way, but the course of true management and engagement takes a bit of time. To see real results, you have to navigate an ocean of opportunity, some of which is absolutely hard to navigate. That’s where many people fail to realize that the way to lose weight in modern times is to look into the tried and true methods that others have tried. For instance, you’ll find that many people focus on building the right components through the world of supplements, and that alone. While that’s a good thing, including the options to use real hcg drops, it’s not the only way to go about this. You’ll want to pursue it in light of other elements that can pay off in time.

Real HCG Drops
Dieting (Eating)
The first thing that you should look at is the food you are eating. Take time to make a journal about what you consume and see what you do in a week. You’ll be surprised with what you’re eating and what you’re not eating. If you want to achieve success in this arena, you are going to have to figure out a way to include whole foods, and proper nutrition into your diet. You shouldn’t just omit one thing or try to leverage another, instead focus on the bigger picture, creating a substantial benefit to your movement forward in this arena. If you focus on the right foods, you will find that they can spike the metabolic rate and give you benefits far beyond other options, guaranteed.

Exercise (Movement)
The next thing that you should be looking at is the world of exercise. This is something that is going to pay off dividends in the world of weight loss. You don’t have to train like a professional athlete here, you just have to focus on the right motions overall. You can do so through the use of several supplements, and finding something “fun” to help you move through the right arenas. Getting to a place where you are going to gain leverage is a good thing, especially when it comes to fun like sports, and recreational options that you may find outside of a gym. Do not go to a gym if it doesn’t seem to fit into your overall plans.

The Supplement Side
Aside from what you eat and drink, you should also look at nutritional supplements. One of the best right now is that of real hcg drops. This will help you with metabolic spikes. It will help metabolize fat cells and turn them into pure energy. When you have energy in your corner, you will end up being able to burn fat faster, and get motivated to lose even more weight as you start to see the results climb in your direction. This works with the body’s natural elements, and doesn’t’ interfere at all. It helps get to the root cause of weight gain, and build towards the reality of weight loss and management. Done right, this will pay off dividends in a lot of ways, and will give you a cycle of relief that is definitely worth chasing.

At the end of the day, you could either have results or you could have conjecture. The options that you need to have in place should allow you to gain leverage over time, and that’s where supplements become the norm. Consider this amidst balancing other options and you’ll see results, guaranteed.